Why Hire a General Contractor?

What’s the benefit of hiring a General Contractor?
A general contractor does all the legwork for you. We pull the permits (if applicable), we schedule the subcontractors and make sure they are licensed and insured. Most of all the general contractor keeps the project moving.

I don’t mind shuffling paperwork, can’t I do all that myself?
A general contractor will not only shuffle the paperwork, but we know the order that a project must be completed in and have a good feel for how long it will take each subcontractor to finish their role in the project. This helps keep a project on track and completed in a timely fashion.

I’ve been a faithful watcher of DIY TV, I think I know the order of completion. Won’t I save money by organizing everything myself?
It may seem that the all the general contractor does is act as head foreman, but we are actually working for you also. Since we deal with the subcontractors all the time, we know which ones are good and which ones aren’t. We can do all the vetting for you. Also since we use the subcontractors more than once, we can usually get a better price because we are providing steady work. Subcontractors don’t know if you will be a professional and organized boss, and more importantly, they are aware that this is probably a one-time job, which can result in you being low on the priority list for scheduling. Also a subcontractor is less likely to walk off the job or do shoddy work when working for a general contractor. They want to get hired back!

OK, so if I hire a general contractor, what can I expect?
When you hire a reputable general contractor, you can count on your project getting done right. You can be assured all the necessary permits will be pulled and the project will keep moving in a timely fashion. You won’t have to worry about scheduling subcontractors and you know it will be finished professionally and conform to all applicable building codes. We handle the small stuff before it becomes big problems!