Protecting Your Concrete Driveway Investment

Nothing is truly maintenance free, including your concrete driveway. Fortunately, one of the best things about your concrete driveway is how little maintenance it actually needs to provide years of service. Below are some tips to help it last the test of time.

Keep it Clean and Sealed.
Cleaning your driveway at least once a month will keep the acidic debris from eating away at your investment. In a harsher climate such as North Dakota, you want to seal your driveway at least every 2 years if not every year. Sealing your driveway or patio can be a do-it-yourself task or you can hire a reputable contractor. Either way, it is an economical way to protect your investment.

Remove Stains Right Away.
Even though concrete sealer protects your concrete from stains, it is a good idea to clean any stains immediately. Oil and grease should be cleaned right away if possible using a pressure washer or garden hose with sufficient pressure to remove the stain. If the concrete does stain, there are cleaning chemicals available to remove most stains. Ask your preferred contractor for details.

Pass on the “Salt”.
Using deicers can cause surface damage, especially on new concrete. Products containing ammonium nitrates and ammonium sulphates are especially harmful because they attack concrete chemically. Rock salt will do less damage to the concrete, but will harm nearby vegetation and metal objects. Use sand instead for traction and to clear ice (the warming rays of the sun on the dark matter will melt ice).

Keep the Weight Off.
Although strong, concrete driveways used in residential settings are not strong enough to support the weight of heavy trucks and construction equipment. It’s best to limit your driveway to lighter loads like your vehicles.